Architectural design

Natural and light


All rooms have large windows; the group rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows. The hall is lightened by the large skylights. For natural ventilation all group rooms have interlocked skylights. In this way the group rooms can be aired without the children sitting in a draught or injuring themselves on an opened window. By means of operable skylights in the halls an effective exchange of air can be ensured during the time it is used. Nevertheless there is a ventilation system in the kita.

Neutral inside

Also in the interior of the kita there are only these few colour tones: white, natural wood and bright orange. The colour design has deliberately been kept subdued to avoid overstimulation as the building is particularly livened up by the children and all the things with which the children decorate their new home.

So little colour?

The exterior design shows a neutral image with white plaster facades and surfaces in wood look. Here the accent was set against the otherwise existing design of an industrial area. Basic elements are exclusively white and in wood. The colours come from the children. Subtle splashes of bright orange are placed only in the entrance and in the hall. Three elements are the motto of the constructed kita: bright, natural, environmentally friendly.