Energetic Concepts

Energetic concept: Environmentally friendly and energy saving

According to the valid standards, in particular DIN EN 13779, it is only allowed in exceptional cases to set up schools and kindergartens without ventilation systems because often it is not ventilated enough and the room air does not contain enough oxygen. Due to the fact that the outer shell of the building was so well insulated there is hardly any energy loss here. Now the heat loss via air exchange is the greatest energy consumer.

This kita is equipped with a decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery which brings permanently warm fresh air without a draught into the room in the cold season of the year. In the process the heat in the extract air is recovered and therefore used to heat the incoming air. The basic heating of the rooms takes place via floor heating, heat generation via a gas condensing boiler. In combination with the ventilation system the requirements of the EnEv 2009 are therefore met and the adherence to the Renewable Energies Heat Act guaranteed.