Interior building structure

Karlinis day care centre, entrance area Kaubendenstreet, Aachen Eilendorf

A kita should be clearly structured: Entrance - public hall - private play area. This is the underlying principle of this day care centre. From the entrance on the street a covered access entrance way leads directly to the main entrance of the kita. In front of this there are storage rooms for bicycles and prams.

In the building itself all activities are centred around a large, two-storey hall, the indoor play area. Directly at the entrance there is a bistro in which the children can eat their meals, but also offers parents and educators the opportunity of having a discussion or a coffee: a coffee on the edge of the market place. It connects directly with a book island in which children find picture books and games. A symbiosis that is very popular with adults as large book shops show and which also met with great support with the children.

The hall opens up into a large multi-purpose room. This room can be divided from the hall with a mobile wall for letting off steam and doing gymnastics. Together with the hall it is a large event room that can be viewed even from the stairs and the gallery: Children downstairs, parents upstairs.

All group rooms both on the ground floor and on the upper floor are directly accessible from the hall, merely somewhat shielded by storage boxes or bicycle shelters that provide the necessary room for the required cloakrooms and at the same time also create a bit of distance between the public hall and the private play and group rooms.