Room concept


All group rooms have direct access to the garden, on the upper floor via balconies, on the ground floor directly via terraces. Both balconies and terraces are deliberately covered. On the one hand this provides protection from exposure to the sun's rays and on the other hand it protects from rain. It is not always cold when it rains, and in this way the windows and doors can also stay open if it rains. In addition a wonderful area exists where you can leave toys or sandy shoes, doll’s pram or bobby car, small niches on each side provide additional storage space.

The children’s private kingdom - Variety and Flexibility

The children’s private kingdom always consists of a combination of group room, side room and sleep room, supplemented by a directly accessible sanitary room. All group rooms open directly onto the “private” terrace and to the garden. For the youngest children the terrace area with sand pits and bench seats is somewhat shielded. Small hills and bumps allow them to develop their motor skills in a playful manner.

The group rooms can be used for a variety of applications, as they have the same basic design. Whilst the rooms that are somewhat off the beaten track are preferably to be used as a sleeping room, the central side rooms also provide access to the hall so that group activities such as workshops, researching, playing music or theatre games can be offered.