Urban areal pattern

The small island


The urban situation in the middle of an industrial area is definitely special even though the design there is exactly right, shown by the examples already implemented, because proximity and reachability are so good. Nevertheless the commercial and industrial buildings show a different scale and a different relation to their surroundings than a rather delicate and protective day care centre.

The plot of land fits the situation of the day care centre. It is located off the beaten track and is demarcated on one side by dense vegetation of the commercial buildings. This situation is accommodated and the vegetation supplemented on all sides of the garden. The new building presents itself on the one hand to the street with a clear entrance front, reflecting its particular use, and forms on the other hand a building structure opened to many sides, to the sun and to the garden. The plot of land shaped like a green island provides protection; the children’s playing area is shielded by a green wall from the commercial area. The existing small woods will be supplemented to surround the whole plot of land. In this way a public side to the street situated in the north and a private side to the shielded plot of land and to the garden in the south are developed.