Pedagogical concept

The educcare development and educational concept

The day care centres work according to the educcare development and educational concept (link to

In fixed reference groups children experience a feeling of belonging, shape their time in a self-determined way, also cross-functional with other groups in different function rooms. The day is usually planned and discussed with the children in the morning round.

The educators pick up on the subjects of the children, inspire or initiate activities to support the children in their ideas and their actions. In so doing possibilities from various areas of development (movement, art, language, health) are specifically integrated to promote a holistic learning environment for the children.

Bilingual daily routine German - English

Young children learn a second language in parallel to their mother tongue using the immersion method. In daily activities one educator per group always talks English with the children. Children gain basic knowledge of a second language in an instinctive way.

Observation and documentation

educcare has developed its own observation and documentation system with which children's development is continuously monitored and recorded in writing. By means of close perceptive monitoring we see the children’s individuality and from this we derive the paedogogical action. “All about me books” supplement the children’s personal learning history. Their educational processes are recorded on video, wall displays/collages or photo series. The parents obtain a unique impression of the development of the children and of the daily routine of the day care centres.

Development dialogues

In regular meetings the educators exchange information with the parents about the development of their children. Together upcoming learning steps and topics of the child are considered and supportive impulses and proposals are agreed. These development dialogues are conducted every three months for children up to three years of age and every six months for older children.

Annual staff and parent questionnaires

It is of great importance to the responsible body to ensure the quality of the educcare educational day care centres and to continuously improve. An essential instrument for this is the annual parent and staff questionnaire on satisfaction with the services provided by the day care centre and the responsible body. The results of these questionnaires form the basis for further activities.