Milestones and developments: Chronology Company Kindergarten Project 2011-2020

 September 2015

Award “Family-friendly” rating

 April/May 2015

Ceremonial opening of the Kita

 5th January 2015

Opening of the Kita

 December 2014

Handover of the building by the investor NesselerGrünzig to Grünenthal and the responsible body educcare

 November 2014

Selection of a name by a jury consisting of company representatives and with the participation of Marcel Philipp (Aachen's Lord Mayor)

 October 2014

The Kita website goes on-line

 July 2014

Allocation of the first Kita places to employees of the companies involved/Start of competition to find a name for the company Kindergarten

 30th April 2014

Ceremonious laying of the foundation stone by Marcel Philipp, Lord Mayor

 March/April 2014

Granting of planning permission, start of construction work

 January 2014

Submission of the building proposal


Realisation of the planning, preparation building proposal, decision to set up a 6-group facility with a total of 70 places by the companies involved Grünenthal, FEV, Babor, Mäurer & Wirtz, Blitzschutzbau Rhein-Main

 November 2012

Decision for the NesselerGrünzig Group as investor and PBS architects as planer for the Kita building to be constructed

 September 2012

Start of an offer of a reward for the selection of the Kita building draft/decision of the child and youth committee members of the City of Aachen for educcare as a further supporting organisation in Aachen

 July 2012

The Council of the City of Aachen decided to amend the Kita statutes so that for the first time commuter children can also be accommodated in the Company Kindergarten

 May/June 2012

Final choice of responsible body + development and establishment of the location Kaubendenstraße/Kellerhausstraße

 March 2012

Grünenthal's decision to construct a company Kindergarten and for building a new Kita building

 Jan./Feb. 2012

Checking several locations for constructing a Company Kita in Eilendorf-Süd & elaboration of an operating cost model together with the City of Aachen

 November 2011

Visit to a company Kita under the governance of educcare in Monheim

 October 2011

Grünenthal presented the company Kindergarten project in Aachen Eilendorf in the Innovation Circle economy of the City of Aachen

 Aug./Sept. 2011

First Meetings with the City of Aachen (Business Promotion and Youth Welfare Office) and initial coordination meetings with interested companies

 June/July 2011

Checking of various concepts for setting up a company Kita involving private supporting organisations

 April 2011

Creation of a project group at Grünenthal for coming up with solutions for the company childcare service


The first Work and Family audit at Grünenthal – development of the company childcare facilities determined as an objective