Laying the foundation stone


Painted hands and sparkling eyes - laying of the foundation stone of the Company Kindergarten in Eilendorf

The project team of the Company Kindergarten was thrilled when the foundation stone was ceremoniously laid in April 2014. And that was how a central milestone for the realisation of the Kita project was achieved. This event was celebrated in a befitting context with Aachen's Lord Mayor, Marcel Philipp, business representative, investor and architect.

Moritz, Annika, Laura, Jonas and Ruben had very much looked forward to the day of the 30th April 2014. Eagerly they painted their hands and printed them on a piece of paper. Then excitedly and with great concentration the two to five-year old children embedded a pipe with their artistic work using a trowel and cement in the foundation. In this way the foundation stone for a “home away from home” of the new day care centre was laid in the industrial area of Eilendorf-Süd. From January 2015 70 children arrived there. The invited guests saw that the joint efforts of the companies involved (Grünenthal, FEV, Babor Cosmetics, Blitzschutzbau Rhein Main Adam Herbert GmbH and MÄURER & WIRTZ) were worth it as reflected in the faces of the children present. “We had lots of fun today and I was allowed to operate the crane,” five-year-old Moritz beamed. And his mother was pleased that the employees' children will soon only be a few minutes walking distance away from the workplace and will be well supported and cared for.