Finding a name

The name of the Kita is found

Opening kindergarten 05.01.2015 - The team

The name for the Kita had been determined in time for the opening.

This was found as part of an exciting competition to which all employees of the companies involved were invited.

In summer 2014 within nine weeks 145 participants submitted about 487 suggestions to find a suitable name.

Many creative proposals were submitted. In order to be short-listed the names had to fulfil some strict criteria including comprehensibility for English-speaking children. The Kita has a bilingual offer for English-speaking children of employees of international orientated companies. A jury comprising representatives of the companies involved and Aachen's Lord Mayor, Marcel Philipp, selected the most beautiful name from the suggestions and made a clear choice. In this way the Company Kindergarten in Eilendorf became the Kita “Karlinis”. The winners of the competition (first place employees of Grünenthal GmbH, 2 x second place employee Grünenthal/employee FEV) were awarded as part of the opening of the Kita on 05.01.2015.