The kindergarten project

The Company Kindergarten project

Sabine Fischer, Oliver Lamm, Dr. Heinz-Gerd Suelmann, Sigrid Nachtigahl, Dr. Ernst Scheid, Anne Krämer, Beate Metzen, Dieter Begaß, Winfried Kranz, Marcel Philipp, Marcus Bracht Foto: Nicole Kuhn

Childcare places are tight in Aachen. Talented staff are also few and far between. As the compatibility of work and family is an important criterion nowadays for all employees with regard to the choice of the workplace, the offer of their own Kita for companies becomes a real competitive advantage in the “War for Talent” on the market place. The five Aachen companies Grünenthal, FEV, Dr. Babor, Blitzschutzbau Rhein Main and Mäurer & Wirtz recognised this early on and wanted to act.

Already in 2011 the idea for the realisation of a joint day care centre was born by several companies in the industrial area of Eilendorf-Süd. At the initiative of Grünenthal the companies FEV, Dr. Babor, Blitzschutzbau Rhein Main and Mäurer & Wirtz set about the planning. The path from the idea to the actual realisation has faced the companies involved with many challenges.

As the responsible body of the facility it was possible to win over educcare as nationwide and recognised free supporting organisation of the day care centres. educcare GmbH plans, realises and operates day care centres for innovative towns and companies. In the meantime 27 supervised facilities are testament to the extensive experience and competence of the company. For those involved in the Company Kindergarten educcare was convincing with the concept of a home from home for the 6-group day care centre and the bilingual (German - English) care offer.

Investor for the Kita building on the 4500 m2 piece of land on the corner of Kellerhausstraße/Kaubendenstraße is the NesselerGrünzig group. The draft for the building originates from the architect's office in Aachen pbs architeken under the leadership of Jörg Böhning. The Company Kindergarten (close to work) is the first subsidised Kindergarten of its kind in Aachen.

The development of the Kita project was closely monitored from the beginning by the Business Development and European Affairs Department of the City of Aachen. Together with the companies the employees of the City of Aachen went in search of a suitable piece of land, have compiled the templates for the necessary political decisions, arranged these and involved the special service departments concerned of the City of Aachen in the process. In short - the companies involved received the service by the City of Aachen from a single source. The City of Aachen’s Lord Mayor, Mr Marcel Philipp, has much welcomed the great commitment of the companies and has fully supported the project.

The Company Kindergarten cooperates with both companies as well as their employees-parents and the City of Aachen. A win win situation for all concerned. All those involved in the project were proud after four years joint planning and implementation work to be able to celebrate the official opening of the Kita in spring of 2015.